Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Remember

In memory of Earl Stueve my best friend in grade school. I have so many memories of Earl and his love for insects and animals. He was a small but mighty person and he was my best friend during those years. Even though our lives have taken us different directions I will always remember those times and what his friendship meant to me. Rest in Peace, my good friend.

I Remember

I remember days when we

Were small and bounced on daddy’s knee

And then we went to school one day

And learned a different way to play.

I remember school friends when

We played and learned the meaning then

Of friendship, play and memories made

That last until this very day.

For friendship need not be a day

Or time when all we do or say

The feelings that we showed back then

When we were young and still best friends.

I will remember, always kept

Within my heart like when we met

On school ground swing set soaring high

Into that endless blue filled sky.

For you are now within that sky

No longer here, no longer nigh

But in my heart you’re memory so

Like when we played so long ago.

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