Monday, December 7, 2009

For my granddaughter, Maddie, on her 11th birthday.

For My Maddie

As you grow from young girl now
And see the future to unfold
Be not afraid but know somehow
Your presence here is to be bold.

For you are here to serve a purpose
To guide, assist along life’s way
Deep to yourself and not the surface
Have truth in all you do and say.

For life is but a blessing rendered
When you live a life well met
Of family, home and hearth most tender
A life well lived with no regret.

So choose your friends and be most able
To serve your fellow man with care
And worry not for your own table
A life of love and care most fair.

So grow my child and feel the rapture
And live so happy here to dwell
Let life be warm and in it capture
Life’s essence for you still to tell.


  1. You should scrapbook the two poems for the girls so they have them for later.

  2. Great idea! I will totally do that.