Thursday, December 17, 2009

Honor Guard - 2009

Today I will serve on my first honor guard for VFW Post 12034 and this poem is not only to honor the veteran today but all of those who have gone on before. I am honored to serve.

Honor Guard

Today I’ll stand next to your grave
An honor to be told
I’ll never know the service gave
By you in days of old.

But today I’ll stand and honor you
I’ll never know the cost
You gave to us, you gave your due
The time to you was lost.

The time with family, kids and wife
While serving far to our great cause
The days and hours of your life
Today I’ll stop and give you pause.

To give you one more moment’s time
To honor you with humble heart
And raise salute and not opine
A Brother still and not to part.

Rest well my brother, service done
Your time with us is now time past
But know your service to us won
A service that to us will last.

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