Thursday, June 18, 2009

Veteran's Day - 2009

This poem is either a little late or a little early for Veteran's Day but it is an important day to me. Obviously, it does not rank right up there with Christmas and other more socially enjoyed holidays but as a veteran and knowing many veterans; I know how little we have been honored for the lost days and years of our youth. Many of us chose to serve but many were drafted some in acceptable wars and others in wars that were not popular. We should always remember the person who served and not the cause because the cause will fade away but the veteran who stood tall for America should always be remembered for the sacrifice that they made for all of us. I would also like to say that I hold the service of women in a high state also and humbly ask that any reference to men be also recognized to their equally important sacrifices that have been made on behalf of the American people.

Veteran’s Day

Many came into that day
With hearts still young and on their way
To serve a cause their souls to soar
And wait for futures still in store.

So solders, sailors, different roles
They came to give and stories told
Of their great service to us all
In olden days to be recalled.

For travel o’er the world to see
And fight for honor and to bleed
And many gave their very best
Returned in honor to their rest.

Our country honor to them praised
Families loved and honor raised
In resting places, flag adorned
A place of triumph; not forlorn.

For valor seen through these great men
Is seen today in foreign lands
And yet the men of prior wars
Stand watch over these men of yours.

For honor, country to the fight
Many of them received their plight
But lost to us is to our gain
Their service given in our name.

So Veterans to your service render
America salutes you and remembers
That you gave to her your best
Thankful for your return or rest.