Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You - 2009

For all those that have served this great country from its inception to today, Thank you for your sacrifice and call to duty. What you do is special to all of us and we honor you and carry you everyday in our hearts and minds.

Thank You

Thank you for the years you’ve spent
In times of silent loneliness
In hell that gave you great torment
When time was spent in such distress.

You spent your time in quiet pose
Eyes alert into the night
And watched the wall for unknown foes
And waited for a need to fight.

You prayed for calm and knew the fear
That soon might be a time of fright
You sat and watched and lent an ear
In silence listened to the night.

For those on watch are never resting
When they guard our peaceful homes
And when the time of greater testing
Brings to them a time unknown.

For heroes know the price they pay
When they’re called into that moment
When called upon into the fray
They sit and watch the battle foment.

Until they rise and forward go
With no regard as to their being
But go and fight against the foe
That finally is within their seeing.

For warriors are not born, but made
When times is asked for them to spend
And so they go not unafraid
Our freedom’s peril, they must defend.

Thank you from our heart’s recesses
For you have given us your all
To each brave soul He surely blesses
Our thanks will ever be our call.

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