Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Unknown Valor - 2009

I recently rejoined the V.F.W. after many years of being away. As I have met the veteran's from so many different conflicts it made me think about all the veterans I will never meet, who have died serving our country. So much is made of heroes and rightly so, I think, but so little is said of our fallen heroes.They need to be remembered by all of us not just their family and friends. This poem is dedicated to Cory Hiltz, Kyle Colnot, Alfred Mac Wilson, Stephen Dowdell, Dennis Wayne Glenn and so many others that served and gave their lives in our country's defense. Let us not get bogged down in the politics of any war but rather remember those that served and gave their last good measure for us.

Unknown Valor

The hero’s welcome loud and clear
Is heard from every realm
When passersby they lend an ear
To praise that overwhelms

The honor and the glory held
By all who gather so to hear
The hero’s story always tell
Of courage in the face of fear.

So honor heroes every one
And lift them to their risen place
For they have triumphed in the sun
Full honor to them by God’s grace.

But hearken to another soul
Now lost to us in death’s dark pallor
Who gave a portion to the goal
And suffered harm to unknown valor.

For heroes that have given all
And yet no praise is rendered
Are heroes still both standing tall
Deserve by us to be remembered.

For glory is not the lesson here
Of throngs of cheering fans
But rather what was done in fear
To fight and help our fellow man.

Remember more the one’s not seen
For this way pass they never will
For those alive they live the dream
For those now passed, forever still.

Heroes both but different seen
Some are hailed and others dreamed
But both are worthy of our praise
Both are honored lifted, raised.

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