Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence - 2009


July the 4th in that great year
Wise men assembled; wills so strong
A nation born they lived in fear
A land would prosper; us belong.

They sacrificed their very lives
To give to us their best good measure
Today we live in freedom still
And lives that give to us great pleasure.

For we are free to do our bidding
To travel, buy and give our heed
To venture, share and not be ridding
When our neighbor is in need.

To reach out ‘cross the great divides
To our world that is so tired
Of famine, illness so derides
And souls in poverty still mired.

America’s portion has been great
From the plate of bounty’s faire
And worried not for our own fate
Not always thanked for burdens shared.

But still it works to be a wonder
For the world to see us gleam
When trouble breaks a soul asunder
Through war and evil nasty scheme.

We are a city upon a hill
With gleaming towers to be seen
As people flock to see us still
And be a part of this great dream.

So wrap the mantle of our love
‘round the shoulders of our friends
And make for us a bond above
And bless our freedom without end

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