Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brotherhood - 2010

Dedicated to Skip West on his 61st birthday. His continued friendship, love and support have enriched the memories of my life.


Brotherhood is so much more

Than time well spent in yonder days

It is a bond we keep in store

As we meander through our days.

It brings us memories of yore

When times were simple to us still

But as we age we find them more

The pattern that is God’s own will.

For we have seen life at it best

Tasted every day its glory

We’ve seen the sadness, our behest

Every day has shown its story.

But through it all we stayed the course

And held to us our boyhood bond

For we are brothers, no remorse

Today, tomorrow and beyond.

So wishes to you on this day

Take them with you as you go

Our bond is solid; let it stay

God’s will has ever made it so.

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