Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Sisterhood of Two - 2010

This was written with two sisters in mind, one born normally and the other with greater physical challenges in her life. It could be written for any brothers and sisters where one is so much more blessed physically than the other. Sometimes we get lost within the framework of our life and fail to see our own blessings in regards to another's misfortune. Call it pity, whatever, we need to continue to count our blessings and hold up those who are less fortunate that many times are holding us up silently with their love.

A Sisterhood of Two

Not many years ago it seems

Two girls were born with endless dreams

And to them held a candle bright

To shine forever through their night.

One came small and tiny fair

With eyes so blue and dark brown hair

The other came with love unmeasured

Both to them their parent’s pleasure.

One was given gifts and more

Than one could want to have in store

The other not as much for sure

And not the kind that could endure.

For daily life is hard to plead

When given less than what we need

And to the other sun shone bright

On endless days of moonlit nights.

For one had all she ever needed

And to the other so not heeded

That one should leave and other stay

The leader path’s that led away.

And as she walked into the future

One to lead and one to nurture

For in the follower was given

Something greater than in heaven.

For to them both a bond they share

Of love and honor, love filled care

But more than that to them imbued

A sister’s love a love for two.

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