Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Death of a Hero - 2010

I had idols growing up as most boys do. I dreamed of playing baseball like Mickey Mantle or maybe even being President someday but family heroes were few and far between. I had a relative that was in the Air Force, a military officer. What boy is not mesmerized by seeing a man in a uniform with ribbons and shining brass? I held him higher than I should have and lately have come to understand once again that heroes are human too. They have their frailties and weak spots, as did this one. My sadness is not in revering him as much as I did but not understanding that there really are no heroes only people who look like them.

Death of a Hero

Childhood days are spent in wonder

As we grow along each day

And heroes pull our world asunder

As we travel on the way.

Heroes are the glue that makes us

Dream and hope for bigger things

But when they die by lies, mistrust

Pain lasts longer than the sting.

My hero was a military man

He stood so straight and tall

But underneath his kindly gaze

He cast a frightening pall.

A family man was he to all

Who saw, admired as he went

Into our lives he came to call

Into his family, came to rent.

For anger caused him to display

A justice harsh and somewhat scary

And children feared in great dismay

And wept at loveless acts that varied.

He meted justice harsh and swift

Loveless all within his plan

Laid waste to all touched by his “gift”

The thunder rained from his right hand.

A childlike look has now been changed

But to the right it seems

My thoughts and praise now rearranged

The ceasing of my childlike dream.

A hero’s death is most times sadness

To gather to my in most being

But reverence not to one so callous

The pain now know was in the seeing.

For to his pain he knows no glory

But ill repute of harms he casts

His death a welcome end of story

His death erases from my past.

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